Successful Career Through IELTS Qualifications

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PPMI is an association which combines most activities concerning intellectual and organizational needs of Indonesian students in Egypt. PPMI also facilitates a couple of programs which concerns development capabilities and student qualifications. Nowadays, it has introduced “IELTS Preparation Course” supported by Language Community (PII), WIHDAH-PPMI, PMIK, SIC and also KBRI. The participants of the course insist of 23 students that has been implemented during 8 sessions, as for beginning at PMIK and the next occasions at SIC (Sekolah Indonesia Cairo) in Dokki. The class starts from 4 pm until 8 pm. We have attended it 3 times a week for almost about three weeks since March until the last week of April taught by the keynote speaker from Argentina, Mrs. Regina Calcagno.

What is IELTS?

IELTS is an abbreviation of International English Language Testing System; this course has become a source to improve the capability for English learners. It is quite well-known that IELTS are managed in co-operation with the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL), British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia.

Therefore IELTS has become world recognized compatible towards the high international standards of language assessment. Furthermore, it is designed to access the language ability of candidates who wish to study or work as professional career, immigration authorities and other government agencies where English is preferred as the language of communication or may also be a means for those who wish to know their level for career purposes.

Certainly, IELTS mandatory for non-native students for studying in nations where English as a language communication. In generally, IELTS is more recognized by British and Commonwealth institution, but the TOEFL is more recognized by universities in the USA and a couple of European countries right now.  However, nowadays both of them recognized everywhere. Anyway, there are some universities still require the TOEFL, but the IELTS is growing rapidly. Its means that many Universities in UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada uses, the IELTS as the main barometer for English users. Without IELTS qualifications, may not be granted there and will be unheard of.

The examination conducted by the British Council and also some institutes runs short courses which are to prepare for IELTS. There is no fixed pass mark in IELTS. The score, below Band 6 is too low and above 6.5 is accepted as a good score. And the examination is just held thrice, once a month. And the IELTS is not recommended for candidates under the age of 16.

IELTS test is designed by in two formats -Academic and General Training. Academic is suitable for students who wish to enter an undergraduate or postgraduate study programme. Mean while General Training is suitable for candidates planning to undertake non-academic training, work experience, or for immigration purposes.

All candidates take the same modules which consist of Listening & Speaking, while Reading & Writing are separate for Academic and General Training. So it comprises the four language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking which are relevant to the real world.

IELTS and TOEFL are very similar, the main difference is that IELTS uses a face to face interview to know speaking ability, while the TOEFL is entirely computer based.

As participants of “IELTS Preparation Course” we have obtained more tips and tricks from Mrs. Regina Calcagno directly. For instance, she has taught us effective exam techniques in listening, reading, writing and speaking.

In the listening module, we hear the conversation for about two minutes and we will hear it only once. She suggested us to imagine the situation and common sense in language by our selves. When listening was on, the answers on the recording always appear in the same order as the question. uhh.., it was a big trouble to understand hard as I felt before.

In the reading module, will take 60 minutes, so we have to be able to skim and scan quickly because it will help to save our time.

And then in the writing module, she taught us methods and strategies for successfully completing the integrated words and how to be independent writing skills.

And the last one, in the speaking module, she advised to talk confidently because when we are nervous, we may lose our place and it is the most significant how to imagine the topics when interview and always keep speaking.  Certainly, we have to evaluate on fluency and coherence, range of vocabulary, grammatical range and accuracy and also pronunciation.

And some interest techniques I got at that time about; using words or expressions like actually, well, it depends, Mmm…, or but, it will make more natural when speaking, and then using words like anyway, so, and well to change direction when talking to a new topic. That’s sound very interested me, when Mrs. Regina explained all of these things. In addition, she tough us not every question answered by Yes or No. In fact, for answering “yes, I do”, the best way we may try to “explain” it more. Otherwise, when answer of the question by using word “no, I do not”, it is will be better by using expression like: “actually, no”. If answered by saying “no” directly, so that was sound rather rude and did not make a sense.

Surely, IELTS preparation is suitable for:

1.  Students who wish to enter university in a native English speaking country.

2. Students who need an internationally recognized English qualification for their profession.

3.  Students who want better opportunities for future employment.

4. Students who are serious about improving all areas of their English and gaining a highly respected English qualification.

By taking an IELTS qualification will give us opportunities thought international education and employment. Accompanying an IELTS test will be guaranteed to show our ability to communicate in English. And furthermore, it supports us to be success in the future. Pass the IELTS and get education and success in career can provide us the security, independence and financial rewards.  And also get the satisfaction of quality education and have team-works with other professionals. May be one of us be a lecturer, scholar (ustadz), or property big company who has qualification in English. That’s wonderful..!!

That’s way, I think PPMI and other supporting hold “IELTS Preparation Course” to increase our capabilities and qualifications as an overseas student of al-Azhar University in Egypt. In order to develop ability in compete with another students in this world. Not only capabilities in Arabic or Ammeyah but also in English. As an object which has standard of qualities to communicate in speaking one comment language and I am sure PPMI also gives us all of awareness how important IELTS preparation before measure.

Of course, all of us know that English is the first rank and the most fluently spoken language around the world. By way of English language it will indeed open the doors of opportunities by opening the rest of the world to us. We can across the world without the fear of being scared and worried; in a sense the world becomes closer and small town. Of course, by using English will make a profit for our future such as tool in giving dakwah or giving better understanding about Islam in western world, on top of that will help our career. That’s very lucky, we are here as a student at al-Azhar University has ability in Arabic, Ammeyah (Egyptian) language, and it is indeed necessary for us to improve our skill in English language more and more. Consequently, we should learn to do everything by knowledge, as the world will be opened for us.

Written by:  Reni Rahmawati

Participants of “IELTS Preparation Course”

Published in buletin “SUARA PPMI”

Edisi V Jumadil Tsani 1431 H/Mei 2010



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Nowadays our children’s world is becoming more and more interesting because of the impact of video games that exist. The most attractive entertainment ever invented is made to target kids. Of course we are not talking about the kind of games children use to play for enjoyment and fun which often would take place in parks or outdoor space like a football pitch or other similar real time games. We are talking about the killer of mind and intellect, we are talking about the kind of games which is design to destroy the intellectual of a child, the kind of game which is so time consuming that many children will play hours on end trying to get the perfect score that they will spend a lot of time playing it each day. Not only kids but also adult and some college guys get addicted to it. IT’S VIDEO GAMES.

There are bunch of different video games design for children that the video game industry is a big industry which is expanding by the day. Like NEED FOR SPEED. CALL OF DUTY and MEDAL OF HONOR these games are design to intoxicant brain cell and you can play them all in PC, Play Station, Xbox or PSP. They provide you with high quality graphic, cool character and other cool features that the one playing it goes into a whole different world, there are valiant’s, heroes, kings, queens, fairy tale world. These games are design to take you to another world. Once done with certain level you will get higher score or unlock some items or feature that will improve your skill and make you more addicted and wonder what’s next! Sometimes you have to upgrade some of your parts like RAM and graphic card if for example your PC doesn’t meet system requirements.
I am sure it will affect the financial state of parents. These games inflict violence and danger and are so influent ions that it’s worrying to the parents. It teaches violence and fighting to the children and parents don’t know how to control it, as it’s so access able for children to get hold of these games everywhere they go. The games are affecting the brains of the children and the financial states of families. And indeed is worrying for parents to see all the changes in their children as these games are stealing away their children’s childhood it’s taking the innocence of a child and introducing them to a world of war fighting and bloodshed at such young ages that it’s almost inhuman.
Some people think video games are not good. They fill the mind with bad things and display violence and bad outfits which expose too much part of bullying and other unspeakable things. These kind of game become the most destructive part of young people’s life that will decrease the creativity and stop them from doing their daily activities as the children get lost in 3D and cartoon world. After playing a game people feel that they have to play it over and over again to win or to get a higher score. While other people say that video games are a healthy way to entertain oneself.
However some people can argue the people who usually play video games play it to kill their boredom on a computer or TV screen than doing other unlawful things like breaking the law. One can also argue that video games can stimulate learning of facts and skills such as strategic thinking, creativity, cooperation and innovative thinking, memory, which are important skills in the information society.
Having said that, I’m sure that the bad points are much more than it’s good points with regards to video games. Of course I don’t want to say that video games are not good at all. If the point of playing it is just to refresh and kill boredom by killing time then surly there’s no need to get addicted, at least that’s what I think. You’re free to judge comment and have your own opinion.

Written by: Alex Rafsanjani
Presented on Wednesday, 17 March 2010 at AEC

You Are What You Eat

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We are as a human need to consume a good nutritious for our life. Nobody can live without eating, but of course, we do not live for eating, do we?

Everyday we eat more and more without getting bored. Who will get bored with eating? Sure, no body. Apart from a trouble, frustrated, disease, or sickness, that is another topic for another discussion. We know that people who overeat have problems which they maybe concealing, over eating cause one to be unhappy and bad diet cause bad mood.
Eat and eat is one of our activity for getting more energy. So what kind of food is needed? Talking about taste and delicious both of these aspects are necessary when it comes to eating. Unfortunately many people ignored and forgot the real important of a good healthy eating. That is an important question one must ask before we eat with the hand. Consequently, some people look so pale-faced, sick and not healthy which may be the cause of a bad eating.
And on the other hand we know the system of consuming healthy food is also important and part of one’s life making a good habit neatly and methodically arrange are important for a healthy diet. For example starting with good healthy breakfast and ending with a healthy light dinner which will be easy to digest. Why? Enjoy having breakfast with juice or fruit which will be a great start to the day for our stomach and then, after 2 hours one can begin to consume a heavy food however if one start with a heavy food first most likely that food will be difficult to digest. Besides having heavy food for dinner before bed time can annoy our quality of sleeping and also the food will be difficult to digest. Believe it!
What is a good way? It is advice able for us to stop eating 4 hours before sleeping. If we feel so hungry, we may eat a fruit or a light snack. And in addition, plenty of drink before sleeping will disturb us by desiring to go to toilet at night. So it is good idea for us to not consume a large amount of drink for at least 2 to 4 hours before sleeping as otherwise it may cause our kidneys to over work and therefore the kidneys require rest so that the kidneys can process what has been consume.
Thus, good way for consumptions of food is important because it will influence all of things in our life such as; our mood, energy, desire to eat, ability to think correctly, and our healthy in generally. So you are what you eat…!!

Written by: Reni Rahmawati
Presented on Friday, 2 April 2010 at AEC

Al-Azhar Entrance Exam, Agree or Disagree?

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Written by: Ismarni Ismail

Entrance is regarded as one of the most important event for the participant and can change their lives in their fiercely competitive society. The not only the fight for the candidates, but also affect their families and society.

For making a stressing point in our topic, we are going to talk about entrance exam for entering Al-Azhar University.

Al-Azhar is the most famous Islamic University in the world, Al-Azhar before this academic year very welcome to foreign student who wants to study Islamic knowledge without any entrance exam. But in Indonesia since 2006 the Indonesia Department of Religious Affairs has made a new decision that the student who wants to study at Al-Azhar must pass the entrance exam in Indonesia first. Of course this decision has been a controversial topic, many opinions agree with this and another perspective disagrees.

Who agrees with this says that we need entrance exam in every educational system because without it a person can not check his ability and talent in a particular field, with Arabic exam, the student can know his capability in Arabic because all of  the lessons at Al-Azhar is taught in Arabic, also a good score in exam indicate the intelligence of student, problem solving ability and the drive to do the necessary work, this is a good new system to classify the student’s abilities before entering Al-Azhar.

In the other seeing the reality, this decision has caused a big problem between Indonesia Department of Religious Affairs and the Embassy of Egypt in Indonesia. The Department said that they have full authority to organize this exam because all of Islamic senior high school under their authority.

On the contrary, the Embassy of Egypt said that they have full authority to handle it, because they know Al-Azhar’s curriculum well and of course they will issue the visa. Who are the victims of this fighting? Surely not both of them, but the students! After passing the exam, they will wait for the visa until unknown time. Exactly that’s a waste of time and so much stressful.

So that’s, there many opinions force this decision, because it has caused many problems and it can be a field of money politic, that’s first reason. The second reason is the standardization of this exam still make confusing, can it check the student’s abilities completely or not?

And the important one is this exam has limited the quantity of Indonesian students to study Islamic knowledge at Al-Azhar University. Of course it’s not good toward Islamic society and dakwah of Islam.

Presented on Wednesday 10 March 2010 at AEC


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Written by: Efhila Gabriela Melisa

Success is an achievement of one’s aim. Other perspective, success is an event that accomplishes purpose. Those are definitions.

I perceive success as something much more than that. Success appears some emotion when achieved. Achieving success should make you want to jump off your seat, rush to tell somebody what you’ve done, make you feel elated, sometimes relieved if you’ve been pursuing that success for a long time.

The most obvious successes are, of course, visible in public. When I thing about success, I thing about relative achievement in my own world. Each element of my world, in which I wish to achieve success, is important to me and there is no need to make comparisons with others in their world.

Success is very much achievable to everybody. There are many things that will affect our ability to succeed. And it is those under your immediate control that it is best to focus on. In many ways, society brings us up to “do our best”. At school we are expected to get good grade.

As a student some characteristics we will find who are successful are perseverance, prepared to research, plan and study hard, practice a lot even when things do not seem to be going well, enrich knowledge and an ability to recover and learn.

If you feel you do not naturally have all those characteristics, then do not despair. Each of them can be accomplished by your own application. Fail is standard of comparison success. By the failure we can know success. We can’t mean failure is disappointed one, by failure we can see which way we’ll choose. And we can’t punish who was fail is foolish or disadvantage. These all sacrifice to achieve success.

Presented on Wednesday 3 March 2010 at AEC


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By M. Fitrian Kadir*

I think it’s been so famous among us all about ideal standard for college student. You know what I mean with college student? Yep! Mahasiswa. As far as I knew, there’s no different between mahasiswa and siswa in English. Both of them are called: student. Perhaps some education system reasons in our country make these two terms difference. But that’s not the point. My point is about who we called with a name: ideal student.

I’m not going to ask you to agree with what I want to say. I’m just so sure that most of us have the same view about ideal student. Based on student activities, we can say that ideal student is the one who can gain succeed in these activities. And what are those activities? The biggest two are: studying and organization. Maybe there are other activities, such as, working, becoming translator, raising the child for those who had married and produced; and so on. And it’s not my place to talk about that. Just focus to these two: get succeed in study and become active in organization. Then, our environment will force us to say: Yeah, he or she is an ideal student.

My neighbor’s neighbor said that there’s no special with somebody who gets success in study after spending his whole time for studying. It’s going to be strange if this fellow don’t gain success after studying that hard. Causality reason has taught us that those who sow will harvest.

On contrary, who can achieve good result in exams and actively join in organization; this is the one who amazing. In simple description: get mumtaz and become top leader are two qualifications to be ideal student. So amazing, isn’t it?

But, my other neighbor’s neighbor said that this way of thinking isn’t right. The term success isn’t always measured by education report or exams result. And again, result itself is not the point Allah’s pointing at it. Yes, becoming valedictorian is good. But, it’s not a qualification for success.

Sometimes, this reason is used by some fellows as a goat escape. They didn’t get good result or even failed, then said that blue report is not everything for students. Just like a knife with two dimensions, it can be used forcooking a chicken or for killing a man.

I don’t really know is my neighbor’s neighbor a chef or an assassin. Anyway, knowledge is like the universe. A space with no end. Seeking the knowledge (thalabul ‘ilmi) is a never ending process. None can achieve its even if they kill themselves for this.

Someone who spends his whole life for seeking the knowledge will not get the end of knowledge. And, what do you think about the one who gives just a half or quarter or maybe some sort of his time for knowledge?

*The Chief of ALMAKKI

Come and Talk Together at AEC

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Talking and talking much without shyness and embarrassment can be necessary to improve our ability in speaking especially in English. Do you know why? Because, language is like a river it flows into the sea fluently. If you found much rubbish on the river, the stream’s flow will be clogged, which of course can be the cause of flood-stricken. Which can be said the same for languages, if you stop speaking by clogging your mouth and keeping silence the words will be difficult to come out from your mouth. Believe it!

How important is English? English is the most fluently spoken language around the world. If we have the ability to speak English it will indeed open the doors of opportunities by opening the rest of the world to you. In a sense the world becomes much closer and access able by traveling and understanding the culture and language of others around the world and the only way to communicate is by speaking one comment language which most likely will be ENGLISH. So in a way the world becomes a small town. We can go around the world without the fear of being scared or worried. With that said we can also use the English language as a tool in giving dakwah and giving better understanding about Islam to the western world. The ability to communicate in English has many advantages so as well as being able to speak Arabic Fushah (Standard Modern Arabic Language) and Amiyah (Egyptian) language, it is indeed necessary for us to improve our skills in the English language more and more.

Almakki English Club (AEC) is designed to solve our problem in the English language. This club is operated by Mr. Fitrian Kadir (the chief of Almakki) directly. Alhamdulillah, thanks due to Allah AEC is been running for almost 2 years now and it’s still going strong until right now. AEC is here and help who want to make a change and learn a new language. Also make you realize your abilities and skills and in return AEC offers great deal of help and supports to each one of us. With AEC can encourage, study and talk together confidently, because all of us are on the same path. It is a fun way of learning and making friends and if one has the motivation and energy to learn insha Allah you will be successful. Just remember to never despair and always be optimistic because if Allah intends good for a person, He grants him a great understanding and indeed Glory is not granted except to those who always dreamed of it.

As you know that our motto is: ”You are nothing without speaking”. So make a change in your life and start speaking from today by speaking loud and with confidence without any shyness!!!!…  but do start  with a cup of  syai first … ( tea)

AEC is one of Almakki’s most successful program to help communicate in English. About how the system runs it depends on us and what works best for us. But right now we have changed to another system. Here is an example of one of our members who recently presented his/her simple article and then discuss it further in a debate fashion. We notice that when debating is on the language comes out more spontaneously and instantly. We will post their article soon, insha Allah.

It is a great honor for us because not just Almakki’s members join in AEC, even thought Mr. Irfan Prima Putra (the chief of language community in Cairo), and also Mr. Akhrie Ramadayanto (the chief of IKATH), and some of IKATH’s member also come and join with us. Let’s come and talk together, it is your big opportunity right now because alfurshah la ta’ti marratan ukhra….

Good luck Almakki…..^_^

Written by: Reni Rahmawati  (the chief of Almakkiyat)

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