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PPMI is an association which combines most activities concerning intellectual and organizational needs of Indonesian students in Egypt. PPMI also facilitates a couple of programs which concerns development capabilities and student qualifications. Nowadays, it has introduced “IELTS Preparation Course” supported by Language Community (PII), WIHDAH-PPMI, PMIK, SIC and also KBRI. The participants of the course insist of 23 students that has been implemented during 8 sessions, as for beginning at PMIK and the next occasions at SIC (Sekolah Indonesia Cairo) in Dokki. The class starts from 4 pm until 8 pm. We have attended it 3 times a week for almost about three weeks since March until the last week of April taught by the keynote speaker from Argentina, Mrs. Regina Calcagno.

What is IELTS?

IELTS is an abbreviation of International English Language Testing System; this course has become a source to improve the capability for English learners. It is quite well-known that IELTS are managed in co-operation with the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL), British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia.

Therefore IELTS has become world recognized compatible towards the high international standards of language assessment. Furthermore, it is designed to access the language ability of candidates who wish to study or work as professional career, immigration authorities and other government agencies where English is preferred as the language of communication or may also be a means for those who wish to know their level for career purposes.

Certainly, IELTS mandatory for non-native students for studying in nations where English as a language communication. In generally, IELTS is more recognized by British and Commonwealth institution, but the TOEFL is more recognized by universities in the USA and a couple of European countries right now.  However, nowadays both of them recognized everywhere. Anyway, there are some universities still require the TOEFL, but the IELTS is growing rapidly. Its means that many Universities in UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada uses, the IELTS as the main barometer for English users. Without IELTS qualifications, may not be granted there and will be unheard of.

The examination conducted by the British Council and also some institutes runs short courses which are to prepare for IELTS. There is no fixed pass mark in IELTS. The score, below Band 6 is too low and above 6.5 is accepted as a good score. And the examination is just held thrice, once a month. And the IELTS is not recommended for candidates under the age of 16.

IELTS test is designed by in two formats -Academic and General Training. Academic is suitable for students who wish to enter an undergraduate or postgraduate study programme. Mean while General Training is suitable for candidates planning to undertake non-academic training, work experience, or for immigration purposes.

All candidates take the same modules which consist of Listening & Speaking, while Reading & Writing are separate for Academic and General Training. So it comprises the four language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking which are relevant to the real world.

IELTS and TOEFL are very similar, the main difference is that IELTS uses a face to face interview to know speaking ability, while the TOEFL is entirely computer based.

As participants of “IELTS Preparation Course” we have obtained more tips and tricks from Mrs. Regina Calcagno directly. For instance, she has taught us effective exam techniques in listening, reading, writing and speaking.

In the listening module, we hear the conversation for about two minutes and we will hear it only once. She suggested us to imagine the situation and common sense in language by our selves. When listening was on, the answers on the recording always appear in the same order as the question. uhh.., it was a big trouble to understand hard as I felt before.

In the reading module, will take 60 minutes, so we have to be able to skim and scan quickly because it will help to save our time.

And then in the writing module, she taught us methods and strategies for successfully completing the integrated words and how to be independent writing skills.

And the last one, in the speaking module, she advised to talk confidently because when we are nervous, we may lose our place and it is the most significant how to imagine the topics when interview and always keep speaking.  Certainly, we have to evaluate on fluency and coherence, range of vocabulary, grammatical range and accuracy and also pronunciation.

And some interest techniques I got at that time about; using words or expressions like actually, well, it depends, Mmm…, or but, it will make more natural when speaking, and then using words like anyway, so, and well to change direction when talking to a new topic. That’s sound very interested me, when Mrs. Regina explained all of these things. In addition, she tough us not every question answered by Yes or No. In fact, for answering “yes, I do”, the best way we may try to “explain” it more. Otherwise, when answer of the question by using word “no, I do not”, it is will be better by using expression like: “actually, no”. If answered by saying “no” directly, so that was sound rather rude and did not make a sense.

Surely, IELTS preparation is suitable for:

1.  Students who wish to enter university in a native English speaking country.

2. Students who need an internationally recognized English qualification for their profession.

3.  Students who want better opportunities for future employment.

4. Students who are serious about improving all areas of their English and gaining a highly respected English qualification.

By taking an IELTS qualification will give us opportunities thought international education and employment. Accompanying an IELTS test will be guaranteed to show our ability to communicate in English. And furthermore, it supports us to be success in the future. Pass the IELTS and get education and success in career can provide us the security, independence and financial rewards.  And also get the satisfaction of quality education and have team-works with other professionals. May be one of us be a lecturer, scholar (ustadz), or property big company who has qualification in English. That’s wonderful..!!

That’s way, I think PPMI and other supporting hold “IELTS Preparation Course” to increase our capabilities and qualifications as an overseas student of al-Azhar University in Egypt. In order to develop ability in compete with another students in this world. Not only capabilities in Arabic or Ammeyah but also in English. As an object which has standard of qualities to communicate in speaking one comment language and I am sure PPMI also gives us all of awareness how important IELTS preparation before measure.

Of course, all of us know that English is the first rank and the most fluently spoken language around the world. By way of English language it will indeed open the doors of opportunities by opening the rest of the world to us. We can across the world without the fear of being scared and worried; in a sense the world becomes closer and small town. Of course, by using English will make a profit for our future such as tool in giving dakwah or giving better understanding about Islam in western world, on top of that will help our career. That’s very lucky, we are here as a student at al-Azhar University has ability in Arabic, Ammeyah (Egyptian) language, and it is indeed necessary for us to improve our skill in English language more and more. Consequently, we should learn to do everything by knowledge, as the world will be opened for us.

Written by:  Reni Rahmawati

Participants of “IELTS Preparation Course”

Published in buletin “SUARA PPMI”

Edisi V Jumadil Tsani 1431 H/Mei 2010


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