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Nowadays our children’s world is becoming more and more interesting because of the impact of video games that exist. The most attractive entertainment ever invented is made to target kids. Of course we are not talking about the kind of games children use to play for enjoyment and fun which often would take place in parks or outdoor space like a football pitch or other similar real time games. We are talking about the killer of mind and intellect, we are talking about the kind of games which is design to destroy the intellectual of a child, the kind of game which is so time consuming that many children will play hours on end trying to get the perfect score that they will spend a lot of time playing it each day. Not only kids but also adult and some college guys get addicted to it. IT’S VIDEO GAMES.

There are bunch of different video games design for children that the video game industry is a big industry which is expanding by the day. Like NEED FOR SPEED. CALL OF DUTY and MEDAL OF HONOR these games are design to intoxicant brain cell and you can play them all in PC, Play Station, Xbox or PSP. They provide you with high quality graphic, cool character and other cool features that the one playing it goes into a whole different world, there are valiant’s, heroes, kings, queens, fairy tale world. These games are design to take you to another world. Once done with certain level you will get higher score or unlock some items or feature that will improve your skill and make you more addicted and wonder what’s next! Sometimes you have to upgrade some of your parts like RAM and graphic card if for example your PC doesn’t meet system requirements.
I am sure it will affect the financial state of parents. These games inflict violence and danger and are so influent ions that it’s worrying to the parents. It teaches violence and fighting to the children and parents don’t know how to control it, as it’s so access able for children to get hold of these games everywhere they go. The games are affecting the brains of the children and the financial states of families. And indeed is worrying for parents to see all the changes in their children as these games are stealing away their children’s childhood it’s taking the innocence of a child and introducing them to a world of war fighting and bloodshed at such young ages that it’s almost inhuman.
Some people think video games are not good. They fill the mind with bad things and display violence and bad outfits which expose too much part of bullying and other unspeakable things. These kind of game become the most destructive part of young people’s life that will decrease the creativity and stop them from doing their daily activities as the children get lost in 3D and cartoon world. After playing a game people feel that they have to play it over and over again to win or to get a higher score. While other people say that video games are a healthy way to entertain oneself.
However some people can argue the people who usually play video games play it to kill their boredom on a computer or TV screen than doing other unlawful things like breaking the law. One can also argue that video games can stimulate learning of facts and skills such as strategic thinking, creativity, cooperation and innovative thinking, memory, which are important skills in the information society.
Having said that, I’m sure that the bad points are much more than it’s good points with regards to video games. Of course I don’t want to say that video games are not good at all. If the point of playing it is just to refresh and kill boredom by killing time then surly there’s no need to get addicted, at least that’s what I think. You’re free to judge comment and have your own opinion.

Written by: Alex Rafsanjani
Presented on Wednesday, 17 March 2010 at AEC


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