You Are What You Eat

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We are as a human need to consume a good nutritious for our life. Nobody can live without eating, but of course, we do not live for eating, do we?

Everyday we eat more and more without getting bored. Who will get bored with eating? Sure, no body. Apart from a trouble, frustrated, disease, or sickness, that is another topic for another discussion. We know that people who overeat have problems which they maybe concealing, over eating cause one to be unhappy and bad diet cause bad mood.
Eat and eat is one of our activity for getting more energy. So what kind of food is needed? Talking about taste and delicious both of these aspects are necessary when it comes to eating. Unfortunately many people ignored and forgot the real important of a good healthy eating. That is an important question one must ask before we eat with the hand. Consequently, some people look so pale-faced, sick and not healthy which may be the cause of a bad eating.
And on the other hand we know the system of consuming healthy food is also important and part of one’s life making a good habit neatly and methodically arrange are important for a healthy diet. For example starting with good healthy breakfast and ending with a healthy light dinner which will be easy to digest. Why? Enjoy having breakfast with juice or fruit which will be a great start to the day for our stomach and then, after 2 hours one can begin to consume a heavy food however if one start with a heavy food first most likely that food will be difficult to digest. Besides having heavy food for dinner before bed time can annoy our quality of sleeping and also the food will be difficult to digest. Believe it!
What is a good way? It is advice able for us to stop eating 4 hours before sleeping. If we feel so hungry, we may eat a fruit or a light snack. And in addition, plenty of drink before sleeping will disturb us by desiring to go to toilet at night. So it is good idea for us to not consume a large amount of drink for at least 2 to 4 hours before sleeping as otherwise it may cause our kidneys to over work and therefore the kidneys require rest so that the kidneys can process what has been consume.
Thus, good way for consumptions of food is important because it will influence all of things in our life such as; our mood, energy, desire to eat, ability to think correctly, and our healthy in generally. So you are what you eat…!!

Written by: Reni Rahmawati
Presented on Friday, 2 April 2010 at AEC


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