Al-Azhar Entrance Exam, Agree or Disagree?

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Written by: Ismarni Ismail

Entrance is regarded as one of the most important event for the participant and can change their lives in their fiercely competitive society. The not only the fight for the candidates, but also affect their families and society.

For making a stressing point in our topic, we are going to talk about entrance exam for entering Al-Azhar University.

Al-Azhar is the most famous Islamic University in the world, Al-Azhar before this academic year very welcome to foreign student who wants to study Islamic knowledge without any entrance exam. But in Indonesia since 2006 the Indonesia Department of Religious Affairs has made a new decision that the student who wants to study at Al-Azhar must pass the entrance exam in Indonesia first. Of course this decision has been a controversial topic, many opinions agree with this and another perspective disagrees.

Who agrees with this says that we need entrance exam in every educational system because without it a person can not check his ability and talent in a particular field, with Arabic exam, the student can know his capability in Arabic because all of  the lessons at Al-Azhar is taught in Arabic, also a good score in exam indicate the intelligence of student, problem solving ability and the drive to do the necessary work, this is a good new system to classify the student’s abilities before entering Al-Azhar.

In the other seeing the reality, this decision has caused a big problem between Indonesia Department of Religious Affairs and the Embassy of Egypt in Indonesia. The Department said that they have full authority to organize this exam because all of Islamic senior high school under their authority.

On the contrary, the Embassy of Egypt said that they have full authority to handle it, because they know Al-Azhar’s curriculum well and of course they will issue the visa. Who are the victims of this fighting? Surely not both of them, but the students! After passing the exam, they will wait for the visa until unknown time. Exactly that’s a waste of time and so much stressful.

So that’s, there many opinions force this decision, because it has caused many problems and it can be a field of money politic, that’s first reason. The second reason is the standardization of this exam still make confusing, can it check the student’s abilities completely or not?

And the important one is this exam has limited the quantity of Indonesian students to study Islamic knowledge at Al-Azhar University. Of course it’s not good toward Islamic society and dakwah of Islam.

Presented on Wednesday 10 March 2010 at AEC


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