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Written by: Efhila Gabriela Melisa

Success is an achievement of one’s aim. Other perspective, success is an event that accomplishes purpose. Those are definitions.

I perceive success as something much more than that. Success appears some emotion when achieved. Achieving success should make you want to jump off your seat, rush to tell somebody what you’ve done, make you feel elated, sometimes relieved if you’ve been pursuing that success for a long time.

The most obvious successes are, of course, visible in public. When I thing about success, I thing about relative achievement in my own world. Each element of my world, in which I wish to achieve success, is important to me and there is no need to make comparisons with others in their world.

Success is very much achievable to everybody. There are many things that will affect our ability to succeed. And it is those under your immediate control that it is best to focus on. In many ways, society brings us up to “do our best”. At school we are expected to get good grade.

As a student some characteristics we will find who are successful are perseverance, prepared to research, plan and study hard, practice a lot even when things do not seem to be going well, enrich knowledge and an ability to recover and learn.

If you feel you do not naturally have all those characteristics, then do not despair. Each of them can be accomplished by your own application. Fail is standard of comparison success. By the failure we can know success. We can’t mean failure is disappointed one, by failure we can see which way we’ll choose. And we can’t punish who was fail is foolish or disadvantage. These all sacrifice to achieve success.

Presented on Wednesday 3 March 2010 at AEC


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