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By M. Fitrian Kadir*

I think it’s been so famous among us all about ideal standard for college student. You know what I mean with college student? Yep! Mahasiswa. As far as I knew, there’s no different between mahasiswa and siswa in English. Both of them are called: student. Perhaps some education system reasons in our country make these two terms difference. But that’s not the point. My point is about who we called with a name: ideal student.

I’m not going to ask you to agree with what I want to say. I’m just so sure that most of us have the same view about ideal student. Based on student activities, we can say that ideal student is the one who can gain succeed in these activities. And what are those activities? The biggest two are: studying and organization. Maybe there are other activities, such as, working, becoming translator, raising the child for those who had married and produced; and so on. And it’s not my place to talk about that. Just focus to these two: get succeed in study and become active in organization. Then, our environment will force us to say: Yeah, he or she is an ideal student.

My neighbor’s neighbor said that there’s no special with somebody who gets success in study after spending his whole time for studying. It’s going to be strange if this fellow don’t gain success after studying that hard. Causality reason has taught us that those who sow will harvest.

On contrary, who can achieve good result in exams and actively join in organization; this is the one who amazing. In simple description: get mumtaz and become top leader are two qualifications to be ideal student. So amazing, isn’t it?

But, my other neighbor’s neighbor said that this way of thinking isn’t right. The term success isn’t always measured by education report or exams result. And again, result itself is not the point Allah’s pointing at it. Yes, becoming valedictorian is good. But, it’s not a qualification for success.

Sometimes, this reason is used by some fellows as a goat escape. They didn’t get good result or even failed, then said that blue report is not everything for students. Just like a knife with two dimensions, it can be used forcooking a chicken or for killing a man.

I don’t really know is my neighbor’s neighbor a chef or an assassin. Anyway, knowledge is like the universe. A space with no end. Seeking the knowledge (thalabul ‘ilmi) is a never ending process. None can achieve its even if they kill themselves for this.

Someone who spends his whole life for seeking the knowledge will not get the end of knowledge. And, what do you think about the one who gives just a half or quarter or maybe some sort of his time for knowledge?

*The Chief of ALMAKKI


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