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Talking and talking much without shyness and embarrassment can be necessary to improve our ability in speaking especially in English. Do you know why? Because, language is like a river it flows into the sea fluently. If you found much rubbish on the river, the stream’s flow will be clogged, which of course can be the cause of flood-stricken. Which can be said the same for languages, if you stop speaking by clogging your mouth and keeping silence the words will be difficult to come out from your mouth. Believe it!

How important is English? English is the most fluently spoken language around the world. If we have the ability to speak English it will indeed open the doors of opportunities by opening the rest of the world to you. In a sense the world becomes much closer and access able by traveling and understanding the culture and language of others around the world and the only way to communicate is by speaking one comment language which most likely will be ENGLISH. So in a way the world becomes a small town. We can go around the world without the fear of being scared or worried. With that said we can also use the English language as a tool in giving dakwah and giving better understanding about Islam to the western world. The ability to communicate in English has many advantages so as well as being able to speak Arabic Fushah (Standard Modern Arabic Language) and Amiyah (Egyptian) language, it is indeed necessary for us to improve our skills in the English language more and more.

Almakki English Club (AEC) is designed to solve our problem in the English language. This club is operated by Mr. Fitrian Kadir (the chief of Almakki) directly. Alhamdulillah, thanks due to Allah AEC is been running for almost 2 years now and it’s still going strong until right now. AEC is here and help who want to make a change and learn a new language. Also make you realize your abilities and skills and in return AEC offers great deal of help and supports to each one of us. With AEC can encourage, study and talk together confidently, because all of us are on the same path. It is a fun way of learning and making friends and if one has the motivation and energy to learn insha Allah you will be successful. Just remember to never despair and always be optimistic because if Allah intends good for a person, He grants him a great understanding and indeed Glory is not granted except to those who always dreamed of it.

As you know that our motto is: ”You are nothing without speaking”. So make a change in your life and start speaking from today by speaking loud and with confidence without any shyness!!!!…  but do start  with a cup of  syai first … ( tea)

AEC is one of Almakki’s most successful program to help communicate in English. About how the system runs it depends on us and what works best for us. But right now we have changed to another system. Here is an example of one of our members who recently presented his/her simple article and then discuss it further in a debate fashion. We notice that when debating is on the language comes out more spontaneously and instantly. We will post their article soon, insha Allah.

It is a great honor for us because not just Almakki’s members join in AEC, even thought Mr. Irfan Prima Putra (the chief of language community in Cairo), and also Mr. Akhrie Ramadayanto (the chief of IKATH), and some of IKATH’s member also come and join with us. Let’s come and talk together, it is your big opportunity right now because alfurshah la ta’ti marratan ukhra….

Good luck Almakki…..^_^

Written by: Reni Rahmawati  (the chief of Almakkiyat)



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  1. Nice writing, buk hajjah ^_^ even some “misstyped” words here and there I think. And..I do prefer to say that you are “The Chief” of Almakkiyat, not “A Chief” (you could say the same thing for the rest samples)


    Keep the good work 😉

  2. it’s gone

  3. Thank you 4 ur suggestions sir/ madam.
    I figure out the reason right now.
    Your comments are always welcome,
    so please do keep your comments coming in..!! 🙂

  4. very nice blog, Almakki feel ashamed at almakkiyat.

  5. makasih sobat…,,
    makasih juga atas kunjungannya

  6. Keep it up!
    This’s d only place when speaking is gold and silent gives nothing :p
    English is cool,guys. Wilfred Sheed said, “If the French were really intelligent, they’d speak English.” (no offense 🙂

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